Endurance Sports & Run Coaching, Nutrition Coaching

Endurance Sports & Run Coaching, Nutrition Coaching

Endurance Sports & Run Coaching, Nutrition CoachingEndurance Sports & Run Coaching, Nutrition CoachingEndurance Sports & Run Coaching, Nutrition Coaching

- Find Your "Why" - 

In order to succeed in your goals you must have a purpose. CVD Endurance Coaching & Nutrition Coaching helps you accomplish your established goals with Help Finding Your "Why", Establishing Sustainable Lifestyle Habits, and Implementing a Proven Plan

What is CVD Coaching


Proven Systems That Work

CVD Coaching focus is on helping individuals accomplish their goals whether in performance enhancement or overcoming obstacles stemming from injury or wellness plateaus. Using the most effective training techniques and years of personal experience. Coaching provides clients the highest level of experience far exceeding client expectations. Cristin is a ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, USATF Certified Running Coach, and USAT Certified Triathlon Coach. She races in multiple disciplines throughout the United States. Cristin is grateful for the many referrals and positive feedback she receives from area doctors, trainers, therapists, and athletes.


Knowledgeable Coaching Expertise

With over 15 years of experience personal training and coaching Cristin is dedicated to providing individualized plans to meet the needs of her clients to ensure success. Whether beginner exerciser or elite athlete, Cristin has worked with countless clients and has proven success. Individual training, e-coaching, group training, coaching at clinics and training camps, speaking, and personal wellness consulting are all offered to meet the needs of a variety of clientele. 


Your Success is Our Goal

Whether training for your first 5K, trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, or training for a triathlon, there is nothing more important than having a coach to guide you, motivate you, and hold you accountable. I have had the opportunity to coach hundreds of runners of all ages and abilities, to this day I find no greater joy than watching them achieve their goals. Each athlete is an individual and there is no one training program that works for everyone.

Health Coaching

It’s common to have areas of your life that are off balance. That’s where health coaching comes in. I will help you focus in on what you want to achieve. Everyone’s goals are different and the path to those goals needs personalizing in order to achieve success and transformation. We will establish goals and stepping stones to get you there with proven systems. 

What’s keeping you from being the person you want to be and the optimal health you deserve? What is your vision for transformation in your life? What will it mean to you and those you love? What habits are keeping you from success and what can you do to change those habits? 

What is health coaching? It’s helping you find and become your best self. Optimal health and happiness is like a puzzle. If there are pieces to the puzzle missing you can’t complete the project. Let’s put all the pieces together so that you can accomplish your goals. I will provide a step-by-step proven system personalized to you to create the change you want to see and help you become your best self. 

What makes me different from other coaches? I have lived it! I have faced adversity head on and accomplished more than anyone thought possible. I have over 15 years of coaching experience helping hundreds of clients achieve better health, increased fitness and strength, happiness, and greater performance in sport & life. After being temporarily paralyzed from a cycling accident that resulted in 14 surgeries including seven spine surgeries I made the commitment to myself that I would take my life back and repeated to myself “setbacks are setups for incredible comebacks”. I repeated that to myself after qualifying and running the Boston Marathon, something that I was told would simply never be possible. 

It’s time I use all my experience, training, and life experience to help clients lose weight, gain energy, increase performance, and make behavior changes to transform themselves into their best selves. If you are ready for success and transformation, contact me. Let’s get this awesome adventure started!!!



I came to Cristin to help me lose weight and get back into running shape; something I haven’t had in over 15+ years. With her guidance and nutrition plan, I was able to lose 25 pounds and get in shape to run 3 races in great time with 6months. I was very appreciative of her help; her running, nutrition and dynamic exercise plans she provided me in order to maintain my running form. I would not be where I am without her and would recommend her for anyone needing to better themselves. Cristin provided me the encouragement and guidance needed to succeed with my goals and I know she will do the same for you! - Ben Miner

Cristin is the perfect trainer, she balances our goals, our strengths and weaknesses to provide the best workout to reach our individual  goals.  She works us hard but smart, careful to be sure that we do everything correctly.  I have been with Cristin for 2 years and I have more tone and definition than I have ever achieved with previous trainers.  FYI, she is fun too! -Lisa Coben

I have been a client of Cristin Van Driel since September, ’18.  I came to her with aches and pains from knee problems and lack of activity.  She trained me three days a week and never did anything but encourage and push me to do better.  I could not stand on one foot and balance let alone lift weights.  Today, I can not only stand on one foot while doing bicep curls, I do it effortlessly and with confidence inspired by Cristin.  She has made training fun and has proven to me that I am capable of improving, no matter what I think. She is a gifted trainer! I look forward to many more training sessions with her.  -MaryLou Davis