Personal Training

Individualized Workouts Focused on Delivering Specific Results

Don’t go unnoticed! Get results you want with training sessions with ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Running Coach, and USA Certified Cycling Coach. Pro level treatment that will exceed your expectations.

Online Essentials: $55 / month 

  • 3 days/week commitment
  • Core strength
  • Fundamental movements and functional strength training to improve body composition, burn fat, and increase lean muscle mass.
  • Workouts emailed monthly, broken up week by week.
  • Workouts change monthly

Advanced Individualized Programming: $120 / month

  • This will be an individualized plan, customized for you and your specific needs. All of your goals will be addressed & your lifestyle will be taken into consideration when the plan is written. I will personally email you your workout plan each week. You will be able to email me questions about training at any time.
  • Unlimited contact via email with Coach Cristin to answer all your training questions and 1 monthly scheduled phone check-in.

Premium Programming: $200 / month 

  • One-on-one coaching including a weekly in person training session (personal training, sports specific performance enhancement training, running/track session, bike workout, etc) and a individualized weekly training plan written for the clients established goals.
  • This is the best option for learning the most about training, health, fitness and reaching your goals the fastest.
  • Collection of informative training articles
  • Unlimited contact via phone or email with Coach Cristin (not restrictive like other programs).

In-Home Personal Training

Cristin can come to your home (or a convenient location (park, work, etc) and provide training sessions, designing a program just for you reflected around your goals. Cristin will bring the required equipment and will program your remainder of the week on what you have available to work with and your time constraints. Sessions are priced at $60/ hour or $40/ hour hour within 15 mile driving radius of Frank Lloyd Wright and Shea in Scottsdale. Outside that distance is $1/mile.

Contact Cristin for more information at or (262) 389-1314

All personal training sessions focus on functional training with individualized result generating plans. With over 15 years as a fitness professional coaching and training clients, I am dedicated to the goals of my clients and passionate about the study of human movement and how it relates to wellness and athletic performance.



Health is paramount. It can not be taken for granted. It is not just what we eat, or if and when we drag ourselves to the gym. It is a large picture that must be looked at as a whole. I am available to help you overcome what’s limiting you. I have over 10 years of experience in health, fitness, and program development in the field. In addition I have worked with those dealing with adversity and health challenges. I am frequently working along with Doctor’s and other medical professionals to ensure continued success. Don’t let time slip away. Your triumphs are right around the corner!!

“I engaged Cristin to round out my personal yoga practice to add strength and cardio to my weekly workout routine. I still hate doing pushups, but at least Cristin makes me smile as I do them! She has designed workouts to meet my time schedule – both mini-workouts for 10-15 minutes and longer ones. I highly recommend Cristin. She makes the workouts fun!” December 10, 2009 – Bernard Rosen

“I have been working with Cristin for a few months. She is personable, thorough, and makes me work hard. I am always energized after a work- out session with her at Form and Fitness. She does a great job individualizing my workout each week and it is never boring! I highly recommend her.” December 6, 2009 – Cynthia Kryda

Public Speaking

Cristin speaks to groups of all sizes on topics ranging from sports performance, running and becoming a better athlete, sports psychology, goal setting and achievement, wellness, and overcoming adversity.

Cristin also shares her motivation, telling her story of overcoming temporary paralysis from a cycling accident to becoming a competitive distance runner.