Cristin’s plate is always full and she likes that no other way. Cristin is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Running Coach, and Endurance Sports Coach and has a Bachelors of Science, is a wellness advocate, writer, and speaker. She runs, bikes, swims, practices yoga, plays tennis, snowshoes, and continues to inspire everyone she meets along the journey. Cristin recently accomplished one of her dreams; to start her own non-profit organization. Ultimate Courage Overcoming Obstacles Inc. was started in 2011 with the goal of giving back to Barrow Neurological Institute and Dr. Randall Porter, the sources which gave Cristin the ability to overcome major spine trauma and years of daily pain. This non-profit raises funds to provide increased research and treatment options for patients suffering neurological medical conditions, a cause Cristin is so passionate about helping. Cristin is in the process of writing a book about overcoming adversity with her “State of Mind” approach living each day to the fullest. She works with clients and athletes of all ages and physical abilities often helping them discover they are capable of anything they put their heart and mind to. Cristin has personal experience with various nutrition protocols and food allergies, and has immense knowledge in proper fueling for performance enhancement and overall wellness. She enjoys helping others discover the benefits of good nutrition while working with others in finding what suites each individual best for their optimal wellness and sports performance. With 26 years of competitive sports involvement including; swimming, tennis, basketball, horse back riding, cycling, and running, Cristin understands and can apply the correct training principles to enhance performance and overall health & wellness. Cristin has 13 years of coaching experience and 17 years of running experience, which she shares with athletes of all levels and ages.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, USA Certified Cycling Coach, Running Coach, and Wellness Consultant