Training Philosophy: 10% of the quality of your life is dependent on what happens to you and 90% is based on how you respond. So why not design a plan that supports your goals, inspires you, and creates an environment for success!! I, as your coach, will do that for you and help you explore the edges of your comfort zones to help you discover your true potential.

Individual Sessions

  • 50-60 minutes individual sessions personalized to client’s needs and goals
  • Sessions built around athlete’s needs and desires. Functional strength, track workouts, bike workouts, running form / mechanics work, mobility and core, etc.
  • $60 / session (current monthly training clients $40 / session)

Personal Training Sessions

  • In- home personal training sessions for individuals of all fitness levels.
  • No need to have equipment as I provide everything needed for a great workout.
  • $60 (hour session) & $40 (half hour session). Some travel fees apply if outside of Scottsdale.
  • Some availability for off-site training in Scottsdale area $50 (hour) & $40 (half hour)

Contact Cristin for more information at or (262) 389-1314

Clinics and Camps   If interested in setting up coaching for a clinic, camp, or multi-day event, please contact me for pricing. Clinic prices vary depending on location and duration. Running clinics focussing on speed development, running mechanics, strength, mobility, core development, and dynamic flexibility.

Running / Cycling Coaching – Level 1 : $120 / mo 

  • Weekly training plans designed to help you accomplish your established goals
  • Sport specific functional strength & core program
  • Race strategy and planning
  • Detailed training analysis
  • Access to coach via text, email, and phone (not restrictive like other programs)
  • Great support and motivation

Sports Performance Enhancement

Comprehensive approach provides assessment, programming, coaching & training.

  • Strength training
  • Speed & agility
  • Plyometrics
  • Core stability and energy system development

All trained in order to optimize performance and function.

Running Coaching for all ages and abilities. Train for your next race, improve running mechanics and efficiency, become faster, reduce injury risks.

Cycling Coaching for all ages and abilities. Become more comfortable on the bike, riding in a group, and learn better bike handling skills. Guidance and direction to prepare for your next race or cycling event.

Personal Training for all ages and fitness levels. Individual sessions and group training. General fitness and wellness, sports performance enhancement, weight loss, nutrition and wellness consulting.

Specific Performance Enhancement Training Programs (6 weeks) for ….

  • Running
  • Tennis
  • Cycling

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, USA Certified Cycling Coach, and Certified Running Coach  

Individual sessions also available, contact Cristin for more information 262-389-1314



Al running

Info on run coaching / prep for racing…

“Cristin has made such a huge impact in my life and my love for the sport of triathlons. Working with her, she made adjustments to my run, that improved my mechanics and cut off 1:40min / mile off my run average. I use less energy, which helped my ability to increase distance and avoid injuries. She knows what it is like to experience set back and injury in training, and her mental strength is empowering.

Definitely recommend training with Cristin if you are looking to train for a race, or just to increase your speed, distance, learn stretching and mobility or just because you want to be surrounded by great athletes.” – Katie Landa


Performance Enhancement Info. ….

“As a triathlete with a background in cycling, running was my limiting factor. The improvement I sought could not come from just adding miles or a little general speed work to my training schedule.  It required intentional development of the mind and body through targeted drills, strength training, and the individual focus and feedback of a knowledgeable coach and mentor. Individual and group training sessions with Cristin helped me find the gains I was looking for and reduce the reoccurrence of the injuries that have chased me my whole running career. No matter how challenging, each workout is a pleasure with Cristin.” – Kirk Howell

Kirk lunge
Kirk lunge

“I have worked with Cristin for over a year and truly believe she is the best running coach.  I have achieved paces that I never thought was possible.   She is great at pushing you to a pace she knows you are capable of reaching.  Cristin is a master at correcting your technique that includes your form, drills, and cadence.  What I like about Cristin is her positive and motivating attitude.  She makes you accountable and pushes you when necessary.  If you follow her program, you will get faster under her guidance!!” – Alveratta Petta

Contact Coach Cristin : or 262-389-1314