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Finding Peace

Living in the moment. Living for today, whether we are reading a great book, folding laundry, out training for a race, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee. We must be at peace with what we have and what we are doing in that moment. We must not look too far into the... read more

A Setback and a Chance To Open Some Doors

After a wonderful trip to Florida I received some frustrating news. I have been dealing with an lower leg / ankle injury for several months and a couple days after I returned we had it ultra sounded only to discover I have a ruptured and torn muscle. Now I am in a... read more

When I Bike

The last 6 months have been a bit of a roller coaster; up, down, sideways, and turning fast. At times I have felt like I was going through a tunnel and at times I felt lost. I still feel lost at times and still feel upside down at other times. I was told in the last 3... read more