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My Favorite Products “Must Haves”

There are products you use, and products that you need in life & training. These are a few of my “must haves”. Brooks Launch running shoes – My days go way back with Brooks. Weekly miles toppling 70 miles per week, track practices, multiple 5K wins,... read more

Who Is That? When Injuries Occur…

The person staring back at me looks confused, like something might be missing. There is a look of despair and fear but also there is determination in her eyes. Who is that person? What is she searching for? What is missing? Often when our life’s greatest pleasures are... read more

Finding Peace

Living in the moment. Living for today, whether we are reading a great book, folding laundry, out training for a race, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee. We must be at peace with what we have and what we are doing in that moment. We must not look too far into the... read more

A Setback and a Chance To Open Some Doors

After a wonderful trip to Florida I received some frustrating news. I have been dealing with an lower leg / ankle injury for several months and a couple days after I returned we had it ultra sounded only to discover I have a ruptured and torn muscle. Now I am in a... read more