As 2018 comes to an end it has brought both lessons learned, times of adversity, and many moments of fun and laughter. As we start 2019 I am excited about CHANGE. Exciting change and getting out of my comfort zone to accomplish some goals and dreams. Nothing easy comes without effort and I am excited to put both feet in and get a bit uncomfortable at times. There are many accomplishments of my younger days that I see myself accomplishing again in a different light in slightly different ways. I am in such an incredible relationship with someone I love more than anything in this world and am lucky we can do so many things we both love together. Running teaches us so much about life. Being patient, having perseverance, having courage, and being ok with change. Patience, not everything is going to happen on your timeline. You must be ok with listening to your body. Push too much, load your plate with too much, say yes too often and you will find yourself taking care of everyone but yourself. If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others. Perseverance, adversity is going to happen and you need to have the tools to overcome it. I find a positive attitude and gratitude help greatly in this department. Relentless forward progress is also something I tell myself when things seem overwhelming. Courage, sometimes things get frightening. There is absolutely no reason to pretend to be brave and to pretend to have no fear. Your largest fear carries your greatest growth. And CHANGE!! 2019 will bring change and we are excited. We will be changing our nutrition and be training a bit more. Spending some more time on the bike and I will also be getting more miles on the run. I will be more grateful for each mile and spending more time doing all the prehab and functional strength training to remain healthy and strong, all so crucial as the years add up. I am grateful for the tribe that keeps me strong and encourages me to continue to build a strong confident body. I am in the process of becoming a Certified Nutrition Coach to further build my Coaching and Training business, giving even more to my clients and athletes. I am so excited for what 2019 and beyond has in store, it will be epic and for each day I will live it to the fullest.