The last couple years have been a journey. In many ways I have lost part of myself due to injuries and setbacks. In other ways I could not be happier due to an incredible loving relationship and a profession doing what I am so passionate about. Each day I realize that those I coach and train give me more than they know. But there has been something missing. Not always able to pinpoint it until those moments when I sit and reflect. Reflect on what has helped me get to where I am and reflect on what has helped me gain strength and confidence. I sit and reflect on running. Not always far and not always fast but the mere act of running has helped me become who I am. It has given me the tools of determination, dedication, perseverance, passion, inspiration, and confidence in myself and my body. It has always given me a goal to work towards when my mind needed distraction.
So I will get back to my roots. I never really left them, I was just forced to take a break. This break taught me just how much being a runner means to me. Running is not me but it a huge part of my heart and soul. It’s not the competition or name tag to wear, but something that fills my heart with joy.
I will give it the time it needs to return to my days and weeks. I will embrace every moment that I am doing what I get to do, not what I can do. I will keep it fun without pressure. I will establish goals and accomplish them with gratitude. I will find that place in my heart and fill it with the ability to run. I will also bike and fill my heart with the passion to be able to see many areas using my own legs and the freedom it gives me. I will be grateful for every day, every workout, and every moment spent doing what I love so much. Whether running, cycling, or merely maintaining my active life, I will smile knowing that this is something I get the ability to do and not something I have to do.
So whatever YOU need to find yourself, to fill yourself with joy, to accomplish YOUR goals, reflect and look within. Don’t let others tell you what you need or what you don’t. Be honest, be strong, be YOU!
* 2 fingers pointing to the sky for my two guardian angels I thought about all through Boston and who continue to provide motivation to follow my heart. My Grandpa and Jeff L.