Hi guys, a little update and a few tips for you. It has been 12 weeks since ankle ligament reconstruction / peroneal muscle herniation repair / and peroneal nerve decompression. The last 12 weeks have been filled with some incredibly difficult painful moments and also filled with big steps in learning to have peace with imperfection. I came out of the surgery with a significant peroneal nerve injury happening during surgery. I have had to adapt my life to deal with the circumstances and have had to make peace with progress and not perfection in all I do. This has made me realize that in all we do, with or without adversity, we should strive for progress over perfection because life is continually changing; our goals, our actions, and dreams. If we continue to make forward progress we can be at peace. Peace with our progress. I choose to do what my body allows and stay positive working towards my goals. We all must have peace with imperfections as well, all each of us can do is to make progress towards established goals. No one in this world is perfect and we all have imperfections that make us incredible individuals. So keep making relentless forward progress despite imperfections and you will create peace with your journey.

A few tips:

  1. Write down your goals and the process / actions you will take to get there.
  2. Listen to your body but even more important listen to your mind. Mind and body need to work together with unity.
  3. Don’t beat yourself up when you need to make slight deviations from the intended plan.
  4. Focus on what you can do and not what you can’t.
  5. Celebrate each victory while on your journey.

Keep working for progress and having fun on your journey. We are all on a journey somewhere and it’s often the journey that teaches you all about the destination.