The person staring back at me looks confused, like something might be missing. There is a look of despair and fear but also there is determination in her eyes.

Who is that person? What is she searching for? What is missing?

Often when our life’s greatest pleasures are taken we feel scattered, we feel we are lost without direction. Overwhelmed though we might have managed our tasks well. We often continue to search for what we know we are incapable of obtaining, only to find ourselves more lost and searching with more frustration. We feel empty, hurt, betrayed. Injuries steal joy from the victories we create and the memories we make. The time spent accomplishing each step, pedal stroke, lift feels with great effort. And then a switch flips…

Take nothing for granted because everything has purpose. Every step, pedal stroke, and lift gets you closer to your goals. That person staring at you stares with purpose and perseverance. No hurdle is too high. No race is too long. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, a light that at times flickers and seems hard to find but it is a light I WILL find and will shine in with a smile doing all I am passionate about. So I stare back in the mirror and while I see a bit of despair and fear, I also see a lot of determination and courage. #NeverGiveUp