Living in the moment. Living for today, whether we are reading a great book, folding laundry, out training for a race, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee. We must be at peace with what we have and what we are doing in that moment. We must not look too far into the future and not focus on what occurred in the past. The past we have no control over and the future is an untold tale. What might have happened to you before has no power over you now and you have the power to control those feelings. You also have the power to control the feelings you have today, you can choose to be positive, optimistic, courageous, determined, and have will power. You can choose happiness even if feeling frustrated. Choose a goal, even if a daily goal and make it happen. Find something you love to do and even if just for an hour a day, allow yourself to do it.

Finding peace with what is… is the hardest thing for an injured athlete to deal with, I can say this as I have been in these shoes multiple times and helped several athletes through them. Coaches have sent athletes to me for help navigating these slippery steps that are extremely emotional. I feel for all these athletes and know the toll it takes on them. A few things I can offer…

  1. Live for today … find peace in the moment, don’t focus on the past (it doesn’t matter) and don’t think too far into the future because it is unknown and can’t be controlled to any huge extent.
  2. Do what you love and make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. For many years I did certain things because I thought others wanted me to do them, that I should be doing them, or that I might fit in better if I did them and became better at them. Do what you love and enjoy, because there might be a point that you won’t have that opportunity and living life to the fullest is about being happy and living with passion.
  3. Stay positive, optimistic, and determined. You have 100% control over your feelings and actions. Positive feelings and actions net positive healing, there is no time for negative attitudes as they only hinder healing and take you backwards and away from your goals.
  4. Do what you can and keep doing it. … that means stay dedicated to your plan. Whether that is physical therapy, icing, stretching, strength training, biking on the stationary, walking, etc. Do exactly what you can and do let up. Some days it’s not going to be all rainbows and butterflies .. but you are going to have to suck it up and do it anyway. Alarms go off super early, you will be crazy sore, the weather might not be perfect, you will be tired, etc… but those are the days you have to push on and that’s where magic happens.

So to each and everyone of you. I recommend regardless of any adversity (injury, health, too much work, financial, etc). Find peace with where you are with yourself .. live in the moment, find what makes you happy and pursue it, stay positive, optimistic and determined, and most of all do what you can to stay on the path to overcoming your setback in the most efficient and effective way.

My best to all of you!