After a wonderful trip to Florida I received some frustrating news. I have been dealing with an lower leg / ankle injury for several months and a couple days after I returned we had it ultra sounded only to discover I have a ruptured and torn muscle. Now I am in a boot for an undisclosed amount of time and meeting with an ortho surgeon this coming Wednesday. Just as I had started training a little bit harder on the bike. Just as my tennis game was starting to show improvement. Just as I was regaining strength and form in the weight room. To say I am bummed out, frustrated, feeling a bit depressed, and have shed some tears is an understatement. We are all human and I guess those are just normal feelings. I am asking why over and over as I feel I have been dealt my fair share of setbacks and wonder if I have the energy to deal with one more comeback.

But don’t even think of doubting I will because I will comeback and I have some big goals on the plate for 2018. Big goals on the bike and I will do whatever is takes to get there. I plan to further my tennis game when I eventually get the ok, but that will be awhile. For now it will be the bike and some pool time helping me get stronger. I also have a great strength coach, Andy Frus, that is a great cyclist and truly understands what it takes and how to work with me given what I have been through. For that I am grateful and blessed. Between my team of Dr’s., my physical therapist, my strength coach, tennis coaches, run coaches from the past that continue to be there for me, swim coach, and many others..  I am grateful for my team.

So now I must try to look for the silver lining and trust me that has been incredibly hard and in many ways I am still searching. My leg is killing me, I hate I am not training and not preparing to race, and the thought of rehab is literally making me feel sick to my stomach. (See I can be real and honest too). BUT this time might give me a chance to open up some doors to spend time working on the book I am writing. It might give me a chance to work on my coaching business. All those little things like designing a better logo, working on my website, writing more blogs, etc. It will give me a chance to work on my non-profit. Yet another way I can give back. I can read a little more and further my education to yet help my clients and athletes even more.

So with every adversity and setback I challenge each person to look for the silver lining and the door it might open. And I even challenge myself. Not always the easiest thing to find especially when the pain (physical and emotional can take it’s toll) but the doors are there and they can be opened.

Keep believing my friends and NEVER GIVE UP