Yesterday I rushed home between clients. I needed to start some laundry, make a few phone calls, and get in a quick workout. It was the kind of workout that I could have easily skipped. Just a walk on the treadmill, with an incline but nothing spectacular or anything to write home about. As I looked at my watch I thought to myself, there are a hundred things I should be doing other than walking on the treadmill but I knew at that moment what I needed most was a workout and some U2 blasting in my headphones. So I headed to the treadmill. I would have headed to the trails but I was seriously pressed for time, the snakes were out, and it was already 90 degrees. Thanks Arizona.

What I am getting at is… little habits are what creates the small gains we see in ourselves. Working out and training for me is almost as routine as brushing my teeth and drinking my morning coffee (yes, that is a normal morning habit too). Without it I feel lost. It is part of me and who I am. The little workouts such as a walk on the treadmill are just as important as your 20 mi long run or 80 mile long ride. Because the short recovery workouts are what allows you to do the longer ones. They are your building blocks to the longer runs/rides/etc and/or the recovery days to your more “epic” days training. Staying committed to your goals, building habits, and remaining grateful for what you can do is what life is all about. During my uphill walk yesterday, with U2 playing in my ears and being mindful of myself I was reminded of just that.

Do what makes you happy. Find the activities that you enjoy; whether hiking, riding a bike, playing tennis, swimming, running, SUPing, strength training, crossfit, or whatever activity you like to do. Finding what you are passionate about makes creating habits much easier.

So my friends, don’t feel like every workout needs to be of epic proportions… some will just be a stroll to the coffee shop, others will be a suffer-fest with friends on the bike. Each one has it’s purpose. Continue to remain mindful and continue to create habits which produce small gains that lead to big rewards.