While sitting on the spin bike today I had this thought and had this same thought the other day while sitting on the bike… and believe it or not had the thought while doing some strength work today. Months ago I had the thought while doing a run workout. Something tells me some of you might have had this thought too. Trying to learn to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. What does that even mean “to become comfortable with the uncomfortable”? How do we do it? It’s uncomfortable, it is not a fun place to visit, we shy away from it, and try not to often find it. When we do, we stay a level or two below it because, let’s be honest. It hurts!

But, if we visit it a little bit more often it will not hurt quite so often and the level will rise. We will become more comfortable at that place that was often so uncomfortable and painful. We will be able to hang out there and even maybe crack a smile. The pain cave that was once feared is now headed into with excitement and determination. So don’t be afraid to spend some time being uncomfortable, that time will pay dividends when the going gets tough come race day and you need to find that next zone. You will soon realize that you have it within you and and you are more comfortable with the uncomfortable than you once thought you were.