I have always loved the quote..

“You are not defined by your past, you are prepared by your past”. My past continues to teach me, guide me, prepare me. I listen to it. Sometimes better than other other times.

Recently it made me very aware it was time to slow down. Time to take a break. Time to reflect on what was and what is. Times get busy, we rush. We lose track from Monday to Friday and then the weekend comes and goes. The “to do” list piles up and the sense of being overwhelmed takes over. Deep breaths, I tell myself.

It was recently a friend and someone I looked up to passed away from cancer after 6 months of battling the disease. An avid cyclist, a bike shop owner, father, husband, entrepreneur, and friend of many. Someone that inspired and taught me the importance of giving back and showing kindness to many. Something I hope I can do each day.

I look back to life and what it tries to teach us. Do we try to make it more complicated.

When life slows us down I honestly think it is a sign that we need to step back, breath and realize how blessed we are to have the gift to be able to do everything we can. We need to not push the envelope, we need to cherish each day. We need to take time to enjoy what we have, we need to read, write, meditate, breath. We need not to live on auto-pilot. Life in short. Enjoy each day with those you love.  

I ask myself to stop and take a moment now more frequently than I once did. I ask myself to feel what I am truly experiencing now versus hiding away in the busyness of what must get done. For today is the present, tomorrow is not yet here, and yesterday can not be re-lived. I am not always so perfect at being honest with those around me. I am pretty good at hiding what I am currently feeling. I’m not very transparent unless you really know me and even then I can be pretty good at covering up what’s tearing me down. However I have recently made some promises to myself. To live more authentically. To be a bit more transparent. To live with a few more mirrors. For transparency should not be feared. It can be welcomed. Each of us is only human and should cherish their feelings, their capabilities, and their limits. That is what makes each one of us beautiful and what brings out the best in each of us.