I have been excited to write this blog for many weeks but was waiting for the right time. Today is the day. The last couple weeks I know many have been filled with mixed emotions. Some have held those feelings and emotions back while others have let them be heard. Neither is wrong and all should feel free to share them if that is what you feel is in your best interest.

However, now we must move on. The decision has been made. We must move on together. Move on in love, peace, and stand together. Take our differences and work together for greater change. If we don’t, we only will find more conflict. Kindness can go far. Watching out over others. Change. Yes, we need change. But we need kind and caring change. Let’s be kind and show some love for one another. And please stop stabbing others in the back for what they believe in. Don’t judge a person’s journey until you’ve walked in their path.

Now to image and self worth. It’s race season and I see many athletes working hard readying themselves for upcoming races. I myself am getting back into shape after an injury and long break from training. It is hard not to tie training and sport into our self worth and image. We spend hours each day training for huge goals. Goals that mean so much to us. What we do is our passion and at the end of the day our passion sometimes weighs on us and breaks us down. What we must not forget is that it is our passion. We love what we do and we can’t let ourselves stop loving it. We must not define ourselves by what we do. At the end of the day we are who we are. We are wonderful individuals. We are not runners, cyclists, swimmers, or triathletes. We do those wonderful sports. We do the very best at them and excel at them. We strive to do better each time we go out and train but we should not define ourselves as the runner or triathlete because if we do it becomes unhealthy. Each one of us, is so much more. You run, you do triathlons, you swim, you coach, you inspire others… But you ARE yourself, and an incredible individual that no one can take anything away from. So no matter what happens, don’t define yourself by your results. You will have great days and days that don’t go as planned but at the end of the day you are still YOU. An incredible YOU. The same incredible you that woke up that morning, keep strengthening yourself and never forget that you do the things you are passionate about because you love them. They don’t define you, you have complete control over them and they don’t control you. Enjoy what you do and keep smiling!