With over 15 years of experience personal training and coaching Cristin is dedicated to providing individualized plans to meet the needs of her clients to ensure success. Whether beginner exerciser or elite athlete, Cristin has worked with countless clients and has proven success. Individual training, group training, coaching at clinics and training camps, speaking, and personal wellness consulting are all offered to meet the needs of a variety of clientele. 

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Running Coach, and USA Cycling Certified Coach


Performance Coaching for Runners & Cyclists, and Personal Training 

Coaching for Runners and Cyclists

Whether training for your first 5K for trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, there is nothing more important than having a coach to guide you, motivate you, and hold you accountable. I have had the opportunity to coach hundreds of runners of all ages and abilities, to this day I find no greater joy than watching them achieve their goals. First time on a bike for training to race a local Crit. I can help you reach your goals. Each athlete is an individual and there is no one training program that works for everyone.

Personal Training

All personal training sessions focus on functional training with individualized result generating plans. With over 15 years as a fitness professional coaching and training clients, I am dedicated to the goals of my clients and passionate about the study of human movement and how it relates to wellness and athletic performance.


Speaking on overcoming adversity, using “state of mind” mixed with key traits; courage, determination, and perseverance. 7 neuro/spine surgeries, pulmonary embolism, and multiple concussions; and I continue to compete and coach athletes, inspiring them to go after their goals and dreams.

Tomorrow’s success starts today. Find your “why.” Motivation is NOT just what we need to get us going and is NOT the beginning of the process. Motivation is the result of something much larger. It’s the result of your “why.” Why do you want it? Why are you doing it? Search within yourself and it will lead you.


My way to give back to something that gave me back my life. Barrow Neurological Institute and Dr. Randall Porter gave me back the ability to live again and enjoy life as an athlete. I am now raising money for neurological research and treatment at Barrow Neurological Institute. Please help me in this great cause – https://www.supportbarrow.org/cristinvandriel

Transform your running, cycling, and performance by developing better skill, strength, and mechanics.

CVD Coaching’s focus is on helping individuals accomplish their goals whether in performance enhancement or overcoming obstacles stemming from injury or wellness plateaus. Using the most effective training techniques and years of personal experience. CVD Coaching provides clients the highest level of experience far exceeding client expectations. Cristin is a ACE Certified Personal Trainer and USA Certified Cycling Coach and Running Coach. She races as a sponsored athlete throughout the United States. Cristin is grateful for the many referrals and positive feedback she receives from area doctors, trainers, therapists, and athletes.


Testimonials: “I have recommended Cristin to several of my patients for personal training. Her enthusiasm is very motivating for clients. She has designed great programs for them and the results and feedback have been excellent.” Dr. Mark Niedfeldt

“My cholesterol is down 16 points from a year ago, down 48 points from my lifetime high two years ago, and down 7 points from 10 years ago. I’m running on knees that I didn’t think I could anymore. They hurt much less and work much better! In addition I’m learning how to run without killing myself or feeling like I’m going to die (which has been my experience with running since my youth.). It’s possible that I’ll retire from the Navy in better shape than at any point in my 24+ year career. Best of all you’ve made it possible for me to run with my daughter as she trains for track and cross country. Thanks!”- John Hinck